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Well I finally got around to making some comics. But that won’t be enough to let ATWC live. So some designer spots are open, as are judging spots.

If you would like to join please email me at

There are currently 2-3 open spots for emailed applications. In total there are 5-6 open designer spots. Currently there are 2 judging spots open.


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Welcome to the official Blog/Website for Art-Tanga WebComics. On this site you will find all the things relating to ATWC. I hope you enjoy your time.

ATWC will host competitions. Participation is highly asked of you. Prize Money will sometimes be offered.

All comic entries are full property of Art-Tanga WebComics. Use of them will be with our permission. In meaning, if you give us an image you drew, it will then belong to us. BUT you will be givin credit for it, even though it no longer belongs to you.

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